Tuesday, October 25, 2011

These Things Could Kill Me You Know

               I take a slow drag
      And the Smoke fills my lungs.

              I enjoy cigerettes
                  They relax me and I can't help
                   but feel a fellowship, a familiar
                picture fills my head.

                  The West.
                   History's Greats share this smoke with Me
                  I let a fog of Jazz fill my palette
               AND I exhale quickly. calling back the
               tune with a mirrored inhale.

    These things could kill Me You know
    The way I live
    It doesn't matter how or when I die
    I will share The Legend of Great Men
   And Women
      who have eternalized their Biography

         Through the veil I smile

Listen, Relax. Experience, Dance.

I went to Music in the Museum tonight and I can only compare it to a tranquil meditation or dream state. The Organ echoing through the beautiful Art Deco interior of Union Terminal relaxed my mind, my body, and my soul. I arrived home, made some dinner: grape leaves, egg, grape and mandarin slices, and swiss cheese, cooked in a wok and eaten on crackers. No sooner was I finished when my good friend Eric Smith gives me a call, " Extra Avicii ticket at the Madison!" I am no dull boy when it comes to an opportunity for me to dance my face off to some quality house music. Ironically enough Ashley Kilburn, my most recent ex girlfriend text me an hour earlier informing me she would be there, strange how things work out considering I hadn't seen her on good terms in months.

I needed a good dance sesh, they keep me fresh. I looked particularly sharp at the Concert and of course I aimed to look equally as dapper for the show. Oh Molly may I dance with a sweetheart tonight?
The show was unbelievable. Great Company and amazing beats.


                                 Give it All
                              Feel My legs waver
                                               The Crowd Gives Me Strength
                                        The Music Gives Me Life 
                                                       I Give My All AND Test My Heart


                              When I Can Feel it
                                   You Can Feel it


                                               The lights Open My eyes
                                                      The Music Steals At My Soul


                                         I Give it All