Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Moth Man

Ah, Oh , Eee, yessssss. Lately I have felt a flash of revival in myself. Coming out of the summer, changing jobs and revamping my life after all the profound introspections I had been swimming through over the weeks had left me in a cocoon of self surround and personal contemplation. However as all healthy cocoons evolve so did I and I would say I've become quite the stellar Luna if I had to say so my self. I have a great job, I have foraged through personalities and found my close friends and I have begun to climb the tower of knowledge that will lead me to a Life's work.
   I've found that I am fascinated by culture on a deeper scale than I thought, and also with life in general. I have began to study Joseph Campbell's work on mythology, religion and origin. I have scoured the Inter web with landing spots on topics such as metaphysics, physics, alchemy, biology and math. This thorough investigating has helped me to realize that I am interested in science. I read somewhere that a true investigation into science is also an investigation of religion and seeing how I am a history lover it kind of went the other way around for me.
   So I am planning to further my learning in the fields of physics and biology. My plan to do so consists of a 2 to 3 year plan of paying off debt , getting a teach english in foreign locations certificate and setting sail. If I can get Latin, Greek and Sanskrit learned I will easily be able to jump into sciences and tear them apart like the knowledge hungry beast I have become. I've also started taking mad amounts of documentaries out of the library and learned the hard way that movies need to be returned or renewed before a weeks time, at a cost of two dollars a movie a day I now have a wonderful 40 dollar bill....ouch.
   To wrap this up I am back on my grind , I recieved a call last night and Jake Malott ( yes Mwah) is now a Free Mason  and I start my degree work on the 28th. I love symbols, history , the occult, positions of power , class , networking and possibility for personal expansion so I will undoubtedly love this journey I will be taken on.

Also, next semester I am dropping down to one class in school in order to have more self learning and to think and work more.I have some plans for woodworking/ furniture building that I pray will take off kindly. I Love Life and after my hiatus I am back in season baby. UNNNHHHHHHH bring on the Lovin!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A slightly more serious post.

I've made many mistakes for my Legacy.

Hopefully I make many more.
Each piece of grain whittled from this thick and sturdy ego molds a man finely crafted and expertly modest.
Wisdom doesn't come from eating a Golden Apple
But by devouring orchards of sour blunders.
And when I feed myself until my fat stomach can hold no more I often offer rotten endowments to those invested in me. And those Apples although decomposed in the whole of others
offer life up to myself. For when I realize the misfortune and misgiving I have deposed upon these innocents I realize I must ask their forgiveness and it is no easy walk.
I Love These People, All These People.
I feel thorns in the soft pads of my feet when I run on top of the heads of my crucified companions.
  Blood fills me from the inside, sickens me with poison until I crawl up form the darkness I surround myself with.
And when I tame this stallion that is conceit I ride with glory from the depths into the Suns heat.
The Gold rays of this moment tear apart this human body filled, brimming, baking with Ego
And LOVE wraps itself as a finely woven sweater would
around the nape of my temporarily unchained bosom.
            everyday the little demons of doubt fear and gluttony claw their way into my ears , they burrow in my psyche and Daily I must pick them out like tics sucking and toxicating my sustenance.
But to Ride that Gryphon of Life and to feel the compliments of the sincere , is well worth the contention.

These Women, Oh These Ladies

These Women , Oh These Ladies

I used to be intimidated by them
Now I am intimidated by none
No Man.
No Woman.
I figured it Out
I Smile
                I Smile Proudly
17 Years before Ten Months Sharpened this Grin
This Ivory Gleams in the Light
Everyday I make Sure to tell the World
See Me, You're captivated.
Before You know - I know
And there it is
      You've Just given me my bounty
You couldn't help it
      You Smiled Back
Some Power This Expression Radiates
Just as helpless I Readily Admit
Smile and the World Smiles with Us
Grin and the Cheshire cat in all of Us
Intrigues and Ignites Curiosity
I Smile For Me, To pull the gift I seek from beneath your nested lips.
I Smile I Smile