Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Science Behind Water

Ever wondered if Holy Water is actually different than regular water? Would you believe that this substance that makes up most of our body is affected differently by words and statements directed towards it? Or what if you were to discover that water retains memory of its surroundings?
This film will change your perspective and bring understanding I hope.

Water- A Public Service Announcement

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Salad IS delicious.

   2011 I mastered the art of introducing substances and poor nutrition into my body. 2012 I have grown from the college life fad and decided starting a healthy lifestyle would be more beneficial and so far I'm loving it! I applied for foodstamps and making less than $1800 a month became eligible for delicious and nutritious bounty err day all day!
   So usually once a month I make this salad which consists of
+ Fresh Spinach leaves
+ Fresh Berries
+Swiss or Italian shredded cheese
+ Salmon or Chicken
(Rubbed with a Lemon Pepper and Oregano seasoning and grilled)
+ Italian dressing or Vinegerette
+Optional Lime squeezing atop

This is a delicious meal and would also be great with a light topping of granola or whatever one may find tantilizing to the taste buds. Enjoy!