Wednesday, June 1, 2016

California knows how to party

Here I am, the freshman once again. I swapped a pond for a lake and whew has it been an experience. Here's a toast to being a little dog once again. It's been one hell of a time outside of the school environment, the academic handhold that I realize kept me safe. First job out of school and I'm doing great, only thing is...I've got ambition. Ambition which can be a distraction. It's important to remain focused on my work and here I am daydreaming of the next step. It's always great to move onward and upward but I've gotta put some patience into enjoying the stage I'm playing on.

I've made some remarkable friends this year, ones I've dreamt of having. I've got friends who are brilliant creatives -musicians, directors, artists; and I've got some friends who are talented businesspeople as well. It's a cherried life I have -sweet if only for a bite. I wonder what it is. I wonder what could make me feel happy and sated. I'd venture to say it would be security. To feel like I'm not still trying to survive. LA is expensive no doubt, and trying to figure out how to move into a place of confidence in my financial standing is wracking my brain daily. I drive around in a car which needs repair, unable to listen to a broken stereo, while heat plays a beat on my leg through the AC, you guessed it. This city has the makeup of dreams though. I see them, friends, strangers, people, living and soaking up the joy this city offers. It could just be that they are smoking pot all the time, they definitely have squinty eyes now that I think about it...and they do use exaggerated "dude"s and "man"s.

I never thought I'd move to California. Sometimes we've gotta do what our gut tells us and sometimes we have to make decisions which are scary, terrifying, too real. My family, my loved ones, are very far away. The time difference makes it difficult to correspond and starting a new life makes it difficult to keep track of the old one. It's not all sunshine and --well actually it is all sunshine out here...BUT NOT METAPHORICALLY. Life is tough. Life being tough though, is forcing this little soldier to become a man. It's the beauty of it all. Whatever I do today affects my life. I'm the one responsible, I'm the one in charge. As simple as it seems, it's really not that easy. Life is a challenge but is filled with great experiences and fantastic journeys.

The difficulty in moving somewhere new and the difficulty with my situation is trying to find the time and the discipline to set aside money for business meetings. I'm talking getting to be friends with people in the biz. I need to get better at it. I read a fantastic piece that said spend $150 TWICE a month on someone smarter, more successful, or better looking tha- no I'm just kidding the last one is someone wiser, twice a month. So two meals or outings a month with two exceptional people, where I am the one treating them to a good time. It's like dating for your career and I'm a huge fan. Who wouldn't want to be treated to a great time out?! So anyway that's what's on my mind lately. I'm out! PEACE.