Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

  Spring is here and I couldn't be happier. At the end of the fall season I had placed a terrarium outside in an attempt to ditch some soil flies that had been killing off my beloved plants. Well one day it rains , floods the whole system and - being four stories up on a fire escape- I wasn't in a rush to empty it. Winter hit. What happens to water in the winter? It freezes. What happens to glass when it freezes? It cracks. So the terrarium cracked and drained.
  Lucky for me this spring I realized the entire bottom of this terrarium is splintered: leaving one solution. I'll have to sift the soil out carefully and remove the glass pieces without them dropping four flights onto and into my neighbors space. Great news is however that a flooded sapling I had thought to be dead survived the winter and so I repotted him in a brilliant ceramic pot that was on sale and he is now the supreme dignitary of my fire escape along with a currently unknown herb that managed to survive the winter season also.

  My joy of the season however , is not limited by or only applied to plants. People! I somehow find myself each winter dropping into a somber state of reclusion. This means few friends and even fewer female companions. Spring is here though and already the cards are back on the table.  As if my personality had sprang new life itself I feel happier, more confident and surrounded by more friends and ladies once again. Oh how I love the Spring and Summer :)