Monday, June 8, 2015

Chapter Begin

    Well, I did it. Seven years later --I graduated University. In total I took classes at four institutions, in two countries, and had guest lectures in another. I've studied the humanities and have come to understand people...if only a little. I've had close to twenty employers, some of which I forget about and have learned what a great manager looks like and what a great working team can accomplish. I've had mentors, been a mentor, given advice, taken advice, made friends and insulted a few people along the way. I'll be 25 years old this June and I realize it's time to recreate myself once again. It's time for evolution, it's time for a new phase.

    Last night I threw out all the old folders, notebooks, and text books I had been stockpiling. I looked through work from years ago when I thought I knew so much. I can tell you, I knew nothing. It's a funny thing how naive and arrogant a young man can be, thinking we know so much about the world while we fumble through like a blinded bear in the woods; not making sense of much but definitely paving a path. I look back on what I've done and I appreciate who I've become, I try not to regret but do still see the moves I could've made differently.

   The relevant thought on my mind which has taken me years to learn, is that only I am responsible for my future. If I act idle then my life will remain stagnant. The more I put in and the clearer my goals and objectives, the quicker I'll realize them. I'm also realizing I need to make time for myself. Without a day of refreshment I grow stale and my mind becomes restless, I cannot focus, I make mistakes, and I lose my productivity. This is so dangerous at such a young age. Planning the details right now is what will allow me to reach my objectives.

    Another difficulty is understanding which direction I want to take right now, in this moment. I often become overwhelmed with possibilities and think too widely about opportunity. Rather than taking one path for right now I find myself split amongst the many searching for snippets rather than bites. Focus. Focus. Focus. I long for it. I long for completion of tasks. I have proven to myself when I can manage to focus I achieve high success, but when I allow myself to fall into carelessness and a "go with the flow" mentality, I pay for it after.

    So! Here's to a new chapter! Shedding the old skin, embracing the new hiccups, the struggles, the learning, the people, the jobs, and the adventure of it all! This life is only mine to decide and I'll have myself a big slice of the pie! Forward and onward!!!